Last Thought

Introduction to Poem

As always when starting a poem I never know where it will take me.

This was a poem written because the first sentence was in my head. Someone read something to me and the sentence “my mind is like a snow storm” just got stuck in my head.

So I put it down on paper and voila!

Last Thought

My mind is like a snow storm

I will smile if it pleases you

I’ll remain silent if you wish

The huge wound in my heart won’t heal

I feel detached from this body

A strong man whose strength burnt away

A snake without venom

A sharp tongue that cannot speak

In the sky the moon and stars

Await their feast

Tomorrow the sun will reveal

Another failed saint

Next time things will be different!

A bit about regrets

I would like to talk a bit about regrets here.

I have always said that I want to live my life with no regrets. So generally, I will make decisions and once I decide to do something, I will not think about what would have happened if I took another decision. However, I have met so many people, who dwell on the past and wonder what would have happened if they did this or that. I think that sort of attitude is not healthy.

Having said all this, maybe when we are taking our last breaths, it is inevitable to have regrets. Maybe we are sorry we did not love someone more or loved someone too much or neglected another person! Apparently, at the time of death our whole life flashes in front of us. Maybe if we really live our lives being true to ourselves and being totally happy with what decisions we took, then we can leave this world with no regrets.

On the other hand, if we live our lives to please others and not really doing what we feel we should do, the moment of leaving this world could be harder as we really would like a second chance and at that final moment we do not know what lies ahead. In my culture, we believe that we will all come back and are given the chance to pay all our debts or reap all our good deeds, those that have not been dealt with in this life. So, at the end if you feel you have been a horrible person and hurt a lot of people, it must be scary wondering what situation you will be born into next. If you feel you have lived a good life, helping others and not hurting others, then you would almost look forward to being born into a better situation in your next life.

Finally, if you are a saint (not a failed saint) according to Hindu philosophy, you do not need to come back as you have paid all your debts as well as reaped all your good karma in this life. So people like mother Teresa all die very peacefully without any regrets.

Author: Chaya Parme

Chemical Engineer Author

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