Wonderful World

Spectacular sunrise greets me outside

The cacophony of the birds so delightful

I surrender in meditation

A bubble of tranquility descends upon me

Today I am blind to any darkness in this world

There is so much accumulated good karma

I am in a place I could never have dreamt of

So far from my childhood world I have come

I focus on the wonders all around me

The joys brought by hundreds of little pleasures

The smiles and laughter of complete strangers

The patience and understanding of family and friends

The joy of being with those we cherish

I appreciate the beauty that fills my world

So happy that I have found my soul mate

So blessed to have the love of a few good friends

So humbled by the forgiveness of those I hurt

So thankful for good health and the comforts of my home

So lucky to be alive against all odds

Through my closed eyes I visualize

The dignity and confidence of the mountain

The lush tropical forests nurturing the life within

The rivers tirelessly flowing to be united with the mighty oceans

The animal kingdom where there is room for all

The beauty and harmony of our Blue Planet

Further on I can see

Our sun, the reason for all our existence

The moon, regulating our tides, length of our days and years

Jupiter, Saturn, our giant neighbours protecting us from massive impacts

The milky way so immense and yet only a tiny part of our universe

The galaxies, the parallel universes, so many wonders…

I open my eyes to

A new beginning

A new day of serenity

A wonderful world

A heart overflowing with joy

A spirit lifted with hope

Chaya Parmessur : May 2020

Author: Chaya Parme

Chemical Engineer Author

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