Joy of Sleeping

You may not agree with me
But for me there is nothing
Better than sleeping
The feeling of relief
From every day's chaos
The peacefulness of the
Dark and Silent night
The softness of my pillows
It reminds me of my mother's
Gentle caress

There is nothing better
Than sleeping
In my sleep I can do anything
I can go anywhere
I have been to the plains of Africa
Dancing with lions
And chasing away the laughing hyenas
I swam in oceans full of jellyfish
Jellyfish that slid down my throat
I have soared above the Colca Canyon
With the giant Condors
Best of all
I have travelled through the Milky Way
At the speed of light
And have seen things
I could never describe

I always wake up
With a sense of accomplishment
But one day I will not wake up
I will carry on having these
Wonderful dreams forever.

Explanation of poem

This poem is about one of my favorite activity (or inactivity) – sleeping and dreaming.

When I first met my husband, he said he has never met anybody who enjoys sleeping so much. I don’t mean that I sleep all day. I sleep eight hours a day most of the time. Occasionally, I will have an all night party and then sleep a little bit more to top up my sleep.

I am very lucky that I remember many of my dreams.

Through this poem I wanted to share some of this amazing nocturnal journey.

In ancient Indian scriptures, they claim that dreaming is when your astral body goes off and has some adventure and fun. And I find this concept absolutely wonderful.

I have dreamt I was a lion once and I was doing this strange lion dance.

I dream of flying all the time, but that could also be because I have done paragliding and love the feeling of freedom.

But the best dream I have ever had was one where there was an incredible light show in the sky and everyone had come out to watch. Then we realised that the earth had come out of its orbit and was heading off on a new course. I was not afraid at all and just stood there and watched as we passed Saturn, Jupiter and left our solar system.

We then reached the speed of light (although in theory we cannot reach the speed of light, not yet anyway or if we can I have not read about it yet) and started exiting the Milky Way (our own galaxy). All I could say in my dream was “WOW! This must be a dream!)

I also see death as a continuation of this amazing adventure. I know in our society many people are scared of dying. I really believe there is a wonderful world on the other side and if death means my astral body is free to go on such great adventures, well I look forward to it when my time comes.

I hope you enjoy reading this poem as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Author: Chaya Parme

Chemical Engineer Author

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