The Princess and the Frog

Been around for five decades

Reflects on life’s lessons in bewilderment

So much in such a short time

No fortune teller’s predictions were right

Remembers her childhood

It only seems like yesterday

A little princess she was under her father’s reign

Only to last until the day

He decided to indulge into that eternal sleep

It changed swiftly

She kissed her prince & married him

He turned into a frog

Her loveless marriage turned her prey

To her husband’s cruelty

But it will soon be over

The endless wait

CANCER : she hated that word

The excruciating pain

She did not want to put up a brave face anymore

When will it end?

But there was nothing to worry about

She was a princess again

All she had to do was kiss the frog…

This poem was written at a time of great sorrow and is dedicated to my mother and all those who have lost their battles against cancer and to all those who have to suffer a lifetime of abuse, violence and tyranny from their partners.

Chaya Parmessur (June 2000)

Author: Chaya Parme

Chemical Engineer Author

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