The Universe and You

The Universe and me?
In this expansive universe
I am hardly conspicuous
Yet, my ego is everywhere.

Unconditional love?
How beautiful!
Yet, I take advantage of those who love me.

What about Reality?
Maybe a Matrix does control me
My reality is a mere illusion.

The Age of Kali?
Kali, the goddess of destruction
She is warning me to stop
Yet, I march on bravely.

Buddha said the way to end suffering
Is to look deep within
Where that sacred place awaits me.
Nirvana is the ultimate heaven.

Jesus crucified?
The image of Jesus being crucified
Still gives me nightmares
Yet he was happy to die and forgive us.
He found that place Buddha was talking about.

Reclining Buddha
Jesus on the Cross
Fierce Kali
They are all trying to tell me something.
I think I know what, but how can I be sure?

Why are there sects?
Sects form and disappear
Mass suicide, their preferred way to depart
What do they see that I do not see?

Is what I see really there?
The close by stars are
Several light years away
I cannot imagine these distances.
As I stare I realize these stars may be dead
I am staring at their past.
How can I be sure anything exists then?

The Truth?
Great sages all claim they know the Truth
They have seen It in their meditations
In their communion with the Supreme being.
When will I know the Truth?

Scientists dream of discovering
The truth about our beginnings
Science can explain almost everything.
That's what they tell me.

Waiting for...
A messiah
Kalki on his white horse
Anyone who will come and rescue me.

Yet there is one Truth I am sure of
My Universe revolves around you.

A bit about the poem

In my novel, a philosopher teaches the protagonist, a young girl, about most of the philosophical questions about our existence. One day he disappears from her life and he leaves her a poem.

I enjoyed writing this poem because it is a little bit off the wall for me. I address philosophical questions but as a mad woman’s rant!

Two things I would like to explain:

  1. The age of Kali (called Kali yuga in Sanskrit, an ancient language from India) is the age of destruction and it is the age we are living in. Normally, this should be followed by another Golden age which will come after the destruction is over. In the ancient Indian scriptures, at the end of Kali Yuga, a re-incarnation of God, Kalki, will come riding a white horse to save and guide mankind.
  2. The stars we see are so far that we talk about distance in light years. The Carina Nebula shown in the picture is 7500 light years away. So it takes light, which travels at a speed of 299 792 458m/s (i.e. 187,500 miles per second), 7500 years to reach us. Therefore, what we see today is how the star was 7500 years ago. When we look at the night sky we are looking only at the past. This scientific fact just thrills me!

Author: Chaya Parme

Chemical Engineer Author

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